Leadership Team

Dr. Oscar Chien
Medical Director

Dr. Oscar L. Chien, the medical director is a well-renowned physician in the San Gabriel Valley. Dr. Chien specializes in Internal and Geriatric Medicine and is affiliated with the main hospitals in the area like Methodist Hospital and San Gabriel Valley Medical Center. Dr. Chien sets and maintains the highest standard of care of the residents in the facility.

Dr. Shawshank Arya, Rehab Physiatrist
Dr. Shawshank Arya
Rehab Physiatrist

Dr. Shawshank Arya specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. Arya oversees the rehab department in restoring optimal function to people with injuries to the muscles, bones, tissues, or nervous systems, such as stroke and orthopedic patients. Dr. Arya works closely with the Director of Rehab to assess patients for functional deficits and works with the rehab team to both minimize disability and maximize independence.

Johnathan Ta

Johnathan is responsible for the overall day-to-day functions of the facility. He oversees all the departments to ensure the facility complies with local, state, and federal regulations.

Johnathan has over 12 years experience in the skilled nursing facility industry, many of which was building relationships within the community as a post acute coordinator.

shadow woman
Elena Pan
Infection Preventionist

Elena is our facilities go to nurse for anything regarding COVID-19 and the regulations guiding facilities on infection control practices. She has many years of experience as a nurse on the floor and is very thorough in her work to keep Broadway in compliance.

Broadway Team 200×250 Andrew Reyes
Andrew Reyes
Director of Nursing

Andrew manages the clinical operations of the facility. Supervises the nursing department and ensures the facility staff is performing safe evidence-based practices. He reviews resident’s charts and ensures compliance with state and federal regulations. Andrew provides education and skills competency for nursing staff in compliance with the policy and procedures of the facility. He also manages the interdisciplinary team to work with the resident and families to formulate the best plan of care.

Broadway Team 200×250 DeliaBetan
Delia Betancourt
Director of Rehabilitation

Delia is our Director of Rehab. She is the one who coordinates all the therapy in the facility from Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. She leads a very qualified group of therapists who do an amazing job of helping to get the patients that are admitted back out into the community and back to their homes and loved ones.

Grace Quintana, Social Services Director
Grace Quintana
Marketing/Admissions Director

Grace Quintana is in charge of Marketing and Admissions for Broadway Healthcare.

Many of you in the community may remember her as Broadway’s Social Service Director but her relationships in the community brought her back to help patients and families make the transition from the hospital to the facility seamless.

Broadway Team 200×250 Stephanie
Stephanie Schamp
Dietary Services Supervisor

Stephanie Schamp manages the Dietary Department and works with a Registered Dietician to ensure you get the diet your physician chose. You will have the opportunity to let us know your food likes and dislikes ensuring you have the best meal experience possible.

Broadway Team 200×250 Amelia Nocete2
Amelia Nocete
Activity Director

Amelia Nocete manages the Activity Department and designs programs to encourage socialization, provide entertainment and relaxation during your stay with us. The activity calendar details the scheduled activities and events for the month.

Broadway Team 200×250 Pia
Pia Vedra
Social Service Director

Pia is one of the kindest souls, so it’s only right she serves as the Social Service Director, helping to manage/plan the resident care once in the facility. She helps set up appointments, transportation, discharging/placement, setting up ancillary services, communicating with the families, and the care planning. Pia is the one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Broadway Team 200×250 Sally Chen2
Sally Chen
Business Office Manager

Sally Chen manages the resident's accounting functions. She can explain the billing process including questions about your insurance coverage.

Broadway Team 200×250 Kaia Tu
Kaia Tu
Medical Records

Kaia Tu maintains a record of the healthcare treatment being given to the residents. She prepares resident’s files as she compiles details about the resident’s age, blood group, gender, and medical history. Her position is vital as it requires her to check the existing records and ensure that they are accurate and complete.

Katy Liang, MDS Coordinator
Katy Liang
MDS Coordinator

Katy Liang oversees and facilitates the completion of resident assessments as they ensure compliance with Federal and State regulations. She also makes recommendations based on the resident assessments and coordinates a care plan according to regulatory requirements. Katy starts Medicare coverage for newly qualified residents while remaining updated on changes in Medicare coverage.

Broadway Team 200×250 Elia
Elia Eddy
“DSD” Staff Developer

Elia Eddy devises and helps provide education that reinforces the various skillsets of employees in the nursing department and in return, it provides better service for our residents.

Elia is also one of the most versatile and selfless nurses you will ever find helping with treatments, med passes, admissions, and on the floor as a CNA when needed.

Manuel Del Real, Director of Environmental Services
Manuel Del Real
Director of Environmental Services

Manuel Del Real is responsible for taking care of the housekeeping department's needs, which includes making sure that cleanliness is maintained, implementing new methods to improve efficiency, and responding to patient concerns.

shadow woman
Sabrina Xu
Business Office Assistant

Sabrina Xu is the warm smiling face that greets you as you enter Broadway and will assist you in the right direction when you visit your loved ones. She also handles all accounts payable and payroll for Broadway as well as assisting Sally in the Business department.

Panpan, Mascot

Who am I?

I am Broadway Healthcare Center’s mascot. I accompany the staff on adventures inside and outside of the facility. These adventures are displayed in a shadow box in the facility. Visit us and see my latest adventure!

Why Am I Here?

I represent Broadway’s culture and values. I am compassionate towards others and I’m always ready to offer you a hug. My ears hear when someone is in need. I will listen to you because what you say is important. “Others first” is my motto. My gentle eyes allow me to see the big picture so I can lead others to understand their contributions directly correlate with our goals and successes. Even the smallest thing you do matters. I am loyal, honest and fair. My open arms represent that I communicate openly. I like to evolve by embracing change because every situation, good or bad is an opportunity for us to grow stronger together. Spreading joy is my favorite hobby next to munching on bamboo stems! I ensure that the Broadway family continues to support one another and share our joys on our journey together.